• District 300 Case Study

    Posted By Blaine Broussard

    District 300 Case Study

    Google Chromebooks have allowed school districts to accelerate programs that maximize the enormous potential of digital learning. What if every student had access to technology that allowed their learning to be personalized, engaging, and designed to prepare them for real-world success?

    Since 2016, Community Unit School District 300 in Algonquin, IL has steadily increased classroom access to technology through the deployment of an array of 25,000+ devices including Smartboards, Chromebooks, iPads, and charging carts. This technology has allowed students and teachers to explore digital resources and collaborate through Google apps along with other district-supported platforms. The shift to a digital environment, however, is not really about devices. Instead, it is about transforming student learning.

    As District 300 worked to enhance their digital 1:1 program, they relied on national education technology leader, Vivacity Tech PBC, to help them accelerate outcomes while maximizing their investment.

    Getting it Right

    Shifting to a 1:1 instructional model makes technology indispensable for teaching and learning which amounts to enormous pressure for K12 IT departments to make smart decisions. Selecting the right technology today will have a lasting impact in the classroom. Wrong tech choices made can resonate for years.

    District 300 has been careful as they work to bring technology into the district in meaningful ways. As Jason Emricson, Executive Director of IT Operations says, “The goal of our team is to support the technology environment that is built around the curriculum of the school district. We strive to maintain a robust and reliable infrastructure that is able to support teaching and learning throughout our district; as well as provide a platform for the operation of administrative programs for our staff.”

    But even their veteran IT department faced challenges as they worked to implement a full district-wide device refresh. It wasn’t just about matching students with the right device, but rather carefully matching the districts’ needs with effective solutions:

    • Right-sizing Chromebooks that grow with the students 
    • Protecting devices to maximize life cycle
    • Streamlining IT department processes into one central, standardized system
    • Implementing curriculum that prepares students for real-world, lifelong success
    • Providing students with hands-on training and experience working with technology
    • Focus on maximizing fiduciary responsibilities


    Vivacity Tech PBC helped District 300 accomplish their goals by combining their needs into a complete 1:1 deployment package:

    • Deploying 22,000+ HP 11 G8 and HP 11 X360 G2 Devices
      Device deployment included white glove configuration, application of RFID asset tags and green shipping devices to each individual school site.
    • Device Protection: HP 4-Year Extended Warranty
      Another important component to the District 300 solution was HP 4-Year Extended Warranty which provides:
      • Covering any and all mechanical failures due to issues with individual electrical components or manufacturing process
      • Eliminating unexpected costs and downtime
    • Claims Administration, Out-of-warranty Claims Collections
      No one enjoys paperwork. Vivacity Tech took on the heavy lifting of claims administration with the device manufacturer while providing a streamlined, simplified reporting process from District 300 to Vivacity Tech. Additionally, District 300 passes on costs associated with Accidental or Intentional device damage to the parent of the student, and requires clear documentation. Through Vivacity’s Customer Central portal, all related claim documentation including photos are conveniently available to District 300 staff in PDF format at a click of a button.
    • Student Repair Academy
      Vivacity Tech’s Student Repair Academy combines online learning with hands-on training. A suite of five courses, including live virtual classroom instruction, allowed District 300 to implement a student repair center; complete with student certified technicians. The deployment of Student Repair Academy allowed District 300 to save time and money by performing their own repairs while providing students with real-world experience.
    • Customer Central
      Vivacity Tech’s Customer Central software allowed District 300 to eliminate three separate programs from their daily operations. The introduction of Customer Central into their district brought their billing department, IT staff, teachers and students into one, free, standardized system.

    These solutions combined with a parts depot, a pool of loaners, and dedicated IT staff, gave District 300 the solutions they needed to scale their one-to-one program in meaningful ways. Students also increased their own knowledge of managing their district’s fleet of devices, becoming solid self-maintainers of their technology.