• See What's in Stor-age

    Posted By Blaine Broussard

    See What's in Stor-age

    The need for technology storage solutions has become imminent, especially over the last year. With schools transitioning from in-person learning to distance learning and back again, most students have their own school issued device to keep track of. Many classrooms have implemented different variations of intelligent carts and cabinets that store and charge devices to keep them safe during and after school. But not all of these solutions are comparable to one another.

    There are a number of EdTech companies that will white label their storage carts or cabinets from a manufacturer, put their label or logo on it and sell the design as their own. At Vivacity Tech we wanted our customers to be able to Buy Better. We took our time to find an Industrial Design Specialist right here in Minnesota to help us build out our own product line.

    Tim Orton joined the Vivacity team to lead and design quality products with us and help us through the manufacturing process. Tim and Vivacity Tech CEO, Eli Maloley, worked very closely to create charging carts and cabinets that would best meet the needs of teachers and students in the classroom setting. Their combination of creative mind and technical skills was a great match and the products began to come together swiftly.

    After initial drafts Tim was able to do a lot of planning and initial design digitally by creating his own high resolution renders of prototypes and troubleshooting before the products were even built. The manufacturing process was not easy and there was a lot of trial and error along the way, but this helped to create Vivacity Tech’s entire line of storage options that we have available today.

    Tim has a lot to say about working with Vivacity Tech, “What started as an idea quickly grew into an entire product line..” He continues, “I have worked past the original designs to create universal features and custom variations based on customer requests.” Tim is a wonderful addition to the Vivacity team and we enjoy working with him to grow our products and better serve our customers.

    Vivacity’s carts and cabinets are head and shoulders above what schools can get anywhere else. The materials we use are dependable and ruggedized for K12 education. Every design is built using durable all steel construction and backed by a  5-year mechanical and electrical warranty. Also any cart with wheels has non-marring casters for easy mobility. As mentioned above we also can do custom wrap colors, logos, designs, and accommodate needs better than the rest. 

    Our practical designs were implemented to make classroom learning as efficient as possible. Carts have doors on each side and cabinets have a lid on top, along with specialized spaces for chargers and adapters for the most organized storage options. The doors also wrap around to make for more room and each storage solution already has a reasonably small footprint as to not take up room in the classroom. All our storage products have non-slip tops for accessories, cable management options, and pre-wiring is an option that can be taken advantage of as well. We also offer different locking and charging options to fit a variety of needs. Different models come with cycle timers for more efficient charging. It is very important to us that schools are able to get the products and services they need to make teachers’ lives easier and to help students learn efficiently.

    With the world changing around us we are always investing in improvement. It is the same when it comes to our products and services and how we help our customers. Vivacity will always be striving to get better and push for improvement. And since we design our own products we are able to control the speed in which we expand our product line better than those who are at the will of the manufacturer that designs everything for them. Keep an eye out for new designs and options in the future or ask about customizations.

    What are some features you wish your charging cart had? What should schools be doing to manage their influx of devices and device storage needs? For more information or to find some storage solutions visit our website or contact our team!