• Tech Repairs of the Future

    Posted By Blaine Broussard

    Tech Repairs of the Future

    It’s the year 2093, all cars are electric, science has discovered how to make vegetables taste like candy, and more and more people are buying houses on the moon. While it is impossible to know what is actually in store for how the world will be run in the next 20-30 years, we do know that the way we repair our laptops and other devices is due for an upgrade. 

    Vivacity Tech Student Repair Academy is a way to the future of device repairs. This online learning series, with the option for in-person learning, provides students with the skills and resources they need to effectively repair Chromebooks. Additionally, the district can operate a student-led repair depot. The curriculum is fun, interactive, flexible, and designed for self-paced learning. The course includes videos, resource materials, games, and assessments to ensure students are engaged and fully comprehend the material.

    Student Tech Team

    A simple way for school districts to grow the digital learning capacity of its students and staff is to have a student leadership group, otherwise known as ‘The Student Tech Team’.  These are students passionate about exploring technology on a deeper level. In this online learning series, students will gain an understanding of:

    • Basic fundamentals of a computing device; including components, software, hardware and troubleshooting tactics
    • Managing a healthy repair workflow including; how to create support tickets and techniques for tracking and documentation
    • How to repair school issued devices to help operate a student-led repair center
    • Safety and best practices of a computer technician along with proper usage of tools
    • The 4C’s of the 21st Century – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity
    • Customer service skills and traits of working as a team member

    The real world, relevant experience they gain as a part of your school’s tech team will prepare them for a basic tech support position after graduation.

    District Benefits

    Having faculty and students perform and maintain repairs together is so favorable when managing an entire fleet of Chromebooks. As schools move toward providing devices to all of their students, costs increase for labor, shipping, and parts. Deploying a Student Repair Academy helps school districts:

    • Utilize students to assist tech staff in maintaining their fleet of Chromebooks
    • Minimize downtime for damaged devices
    • Reduce money spent shipping devices to repair centers
    • Give students a platform for hands-on learning 

    Imagine housing a skilled and knowledgeable team that will be on-site to assist with any and all tech issues. No more calling or emailing a support center, or worse, waiting on hold to get information about a repair or warranty claim. Just walk down the hall and ask your own team of repair technicians for their diagnosis. 

    Have the flexibility to add other activities or assessments to customize for your situation and your program’s mission. This program can be built into your school’s curriculum, it can be an extra curricular, or it can be a way to train student repair technicians that could potentially be hired by the school!

    Ray Sperl, Director of Technology at Cambridge-Isanti Schools talks about the benefits of Vivacity Tech’s Student Repair Academy program. He states, “A school’s student population is diverse and filled with unique individuals with skills and abilities that can contribute to the school community in a variety of ways.” Ray goes on to say, “Student involvement in Student Repair Academy will provide students with an opportunity to serve, grow, and make an impact in a real and meaningful way!”

    Initial Feedback

    While this program is still relatively new, school districts seem to be enjoying the experience and loving the positive impact it is having. Students are engaging in the courses and are excited to learn more about technology in an interactive experience. 

    Technology Director at the School District of Oconee County talked briefly about his experience with the program thus far. He told Vivacity Tech, “I’ve been looking for a program like this to involve our students and faculty for a while. It has been a great opportunity and our students really enjoy the courses and the chance to learn about something they are passionate about! The program content goes beyond what students would learn in your typical classroom and covers the diverse knowledge set needed for the field they intend on taking over one day”. He continued to say, “We are still moving through the program, but Vivacity has been there every step to help keep things running smoothly.” 

    If you’d like to learn more about Student Repair Academy and how you can get your students involved, contact us at sales@vivacitytech.com