The Best Warranty in the Industry

Sustainability and Speed of Service

Four years in the making, Vivacity Tech PBC has put together the best device warranty in the K-12 Edtech industry, built on sustainability and speed of service. 

How? Focus. 

We hand-selected a small list of the most popular devices used in schools today and built our warranty around those models, allowing us to guarantee parts uptime and the fastest repair turnaround times in the industry.

Blue Light Protection

We’re the first and only warranty provider to ever provide blue light blocking protection for devices.

The blue light blocking screen protector that our technicians install on each Empower+ covered device helps reduce the effects that blue light would have on students.

How It Works

The Empower+ Warranty offers an extension to the manufacturer’s warranty coverage on mechanical breakdowns and Accidental Damage Protection of the device. There are zero deductibles to meet, zero shipping costs of replacement devices/parts to and from the customer site, and an option for a self-maintainer program.

The Plan Includes:

  • Choice of Vivacity Tech case, excluding backpacks 
  • A pre-installed blue-light-blocking screen protector 
  • A dedicated Account Manager  
  • Support portal account, Customer Central, where you can request support and submit tickets for service requests
  • 4-day repairs
  • Repair Priority

Benefits of EMPOWER+ Warranty Protection

The benefits of the Empower+ Warranty are plentiful, but some might not be so obvious. Having our coverage means we can approve claims that other providers typically deny for unexpected reasons. All protected devices have shipping and packing materials covered when needed. Finally, having Empower+ means you and your devices are no longer at the mercy of potentially multiple providers with differing policies.

Covered Under the Plan:

  • Mechanical Failure
  • Accidental Damage
  • Pet Damages
  • Vehicle Damages

Interested in Empower+?

We offer bulk discounts, free shipping, and complimentary access to Customer Central with every order.