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    Company FAQ

    What is a Public Benefit Corporation?
    A Public Benefit Corporation is a for-profit entity mandated to outline a specific public benefit upon incorporation. As a company dedicated to education technology, we felt that giving back a portion of our profits for the proliferation of digital technology-backed pedagogy allowed us to leverage our skills and abilities for the betterment of our industry.

    Who do I contact for a donation need?
    Donations are what we love most about our jobs! Please email giveback@vivacitytech.com with donation opportunities.

    What services do you provide?
    As a single-source solutions provider, we supply school districts with all the necessary tools to complete a successful one-to-one mobile device deployment. We offer custom device configuration, custom warranties, two full-service repair centers staffed by triple-certified repair technicians, student repair programs and more. Please contact us for additional service offerings.

    Do you work with organizations outside of K-12?
    We’ve had the privilege of completing large international projects and projects outside of Education, however we are focused on providing the most value to K-12 school districts across the United States.

    What national purchasing contracts are you on?
    Buyboard Cooperative Purchasing,TIPS, USETPA, NCPA are a few of the national contracts we’re partnered with, among many state and local contracts as well. If your organization requires purchases be made through a specific contract Vivacity isn’t currently on, our Contracts team will be happy to pursue.

    Are you MWBE certified?
    Vivacity Tech is not MWBE certified, however we actively partner with several MWBE’s to meet your organization’s supplier diversity goals.